terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014

uwabaki shoes

So I made a pair of Uwabaki. I might need them because of cosplay if not it was a fun project:)

so this is what uwabaki looks like
They kinda go for around 50/60 dollars on Ebay (lel).

cosplay I could use them for

                               So basically I had cheap, ugly Primark basic shoes lying around
mark them with pen and cut the opening

Make a color you are satisfied with


start painting but always less than what you want

Not enough blue 

put more tape so its perfect and paint again

paint the soles too

Bias tape and elastic

Finished cheap uwabaki shoes

yey i'm one step closer to be a Japanese school girl.

I didn't took enough pictures but to seal the edges of the shoes were you cut you use the hot glue gun with the bias tape. Then we put the shoe on and mark where we want the elastic to go and glue it again.
I always had the impression the blue shoes were only for the boys and girls wore red but in my research I found out there are actually uwabaki in all the colors of the rainbow and in Corpse party you all boys and girls actually wear blue. All in all This cost 4€ to make. if I need another pair I'll just make them again:)

see you again some other time <3 

Alice -part two

So here is the last wips I had regarding this costume.

Unfortunately I had issues with the camera so I dont have many photos:( here you go anyway:)

mock up of the necklace made in paper first

made with air dry clay
this is what I used to sand
The socks I ordered online.

pockets painted, beginning of the bloody  mess

fake blood


first stages


unfortunetely the poliester ate the fake blood:(

I had to later add acrylic paint because of this disaster
like I said I dont have many photos unfortunately but I had a really awesome shoot with this costume and overall I loved the final result:)

terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2014

New project: Aurora.

Hello everyone papapapapapapapa it seems I can never keep one project at a time. Had enough of Alice and instead of finishing her up and her accessories I worked on Aurora that was half way done and because Medieval faire coming up..

I had already wear this costume in an party in aniplay but it was rushed and I missed a few details. Now its the way I like it:)

The newer movies are quickly becoming my favorites but I will always be the biggest fan of Aurora.
Because this is for a summer festival I wanted to be comfortable and not with a lot of clothes so I ended up going for peasant Aurora. There is also a lot of discrepancy between her colors and shapes so I choose the ones I remembered for my childhood.

The first thing I made was the skirt. Its a simple circle skirt with an invisible zipper on the side. The tricky thing here was how to translate that detail on the front panel of the skirt. I tried many things but I felt they were a bit unnatural with the design so I simplified it and made a invert box pleat. Definitely inconsistent with the reference but it goes much better with the overall look. In the end I though the color was maybe a bit too off and decided for the first time to dye fabric. Unfortunately the experience went awful:(
I searched fabric dies online and they go around 7/8€ on ebay and amazon. On local supermarkets they are a bit cheaper but they have a very small selection of colors. My last resort was searching on the drug store and it actually paid off going from one to the other. I found in the fabric district one one that sold fabric die at 2.8€ and had a lot to choose from. I bough blue for another project and grey. Unfortunately my memory is terrible and I tend to mix stuff together so of course that I bought an almost exact shade of the original skirt I had:(

Corset!! I love making this little things, they make me so skinny and that's an important thing for meh:)
Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the process what is a total shame because there were some interesting details with this piece. I did take some comparison shots with other corset i made.

They were made using the same pattern, I just did the corresponding adjustments according to the cosplay and reference each was used for but essentially they have the same measurements.
because i'm losing weight i know have the care to make sure they fit me in the future so I added some shirring in the back.

The shirt was remade from scratch because the other had a really deep neckline and I mean it!!! It was actually the shirt that made me want to improve this cosplay.

new pieces of the shirt cut

pinning it

pinning/basting to try it on

after try it on and make sure everything is ok serge

the neckline
I couldn't photograph everything because my brother didn't sew this kind of jersey so I had to finish the shirt at the atelier.

The wig

the end result
I hadn't ironed the skirt at this point yet
I also had time to make her headband. I essentially just covered it with black fabric.

start by scrapping the previous cover of your headband

the base for you to start working


start by the corners

with the hot glue carefully cover your headband

scrapings of the fabric


New black headband. You can make this out of nay type of fabric to go with your cosplay.
I also had time to style my snow white wig.



and this is us at the faire or at least half the group:)

see yah next hopefully for Alice finishing blog post:)